•  Shopping Cart Portable Stair Climbing Cart with 8 Wheels Heavy Duty(Large Blue)

Shopping Cart Portable Stair Climbing Cart with 8 Wheels Heavy Duty(Large Blue)

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Before placing order,check the item size is suitable for your Need or not.This is not a standard big cart!|Upgraded Handle|Reinforced,Lengthenning,360 degree Rotating Cart handle,make it more comfortable and Labour-saving in different working conditon.The Reinforced handle will help a tall person not have to bending to pull the cart,and the original handle can convenient a slightly person pull directly.

|High Quality|Adopted full premium 3mm aluminium material and high quality bearing for a smooth and quiet working performance.All from EX- the factory testing data and hundreds of our customer showed its realiable and excellent performance in smoothness and steady,

|EASY STAIR CLIMBING DESIGN|Three Swivel wheels design specifically makes the Stair trolley a easier stair climbing and down steps,more labour saving . Match with the 360 degrees universal front wheel, make the cart also good on mud, grass, stairs, cobblestones, concrete, and gravel.

|Easy Installation|The Foldable grocery shopping cart come with a clearly installation instruction and installation tools for easier installation.This cart can be fast transformed within minutes to meet different needs,a trolley dolly,a shopping cart,a office storage mover.

|Multi-function| Not only for transporting laundry, groceries, gardening tools .Also be widely used for office files,suitcases, boxes,bottles of water, beach gear and kitchen supplies with its excellent tri-wheels design and spacious space.

Color of cart: Silver
Color of Shopping bag:Purple

Max. Load: Approx. 40kg/88lbs

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bigger size Cart:

Fold Dimension: 22 x 105cm/8.7 x 41.3inch
Basket Dimension: 40 x 39 x 39cm/15.8x 15.4 x 15.4inch
Whole Dimension: 54.5 x 49x 100cm/21.5 x 19.9 x 39.4inch

Recent Reviews ( 37 )
ByAmazon CustomerFriday, 28 October 2022
Christmas Village is coming up and I'm going prepared, LOL! Perfect for what I am gonna use it for. Easy set up and easy fold up! Definitely recommend. I'll post a picture when I'm putting it to good use at Christmas Village. Whoop Whoop!!
ByRobert A Parizo JrThursday, 01 September 2022
I would highly recommend this cart to anyone considering buying one. I`ve had several in the past only to give them away. This one is a keeper. Love the extra basket on there, It`s very well built to last.
ByAmazon CustomerSaturday, 06 August 2022
I bought this as a gift for a family member who lives in an apartment. It is excellent for transporting groceries from car to apartment in only 1 trip. Folds nicely into the truck without taking up to much space. Very happy with purchase.
ByTracieSunday, 17 July 2022
I bought this for my elderly mother to help get the groceries from the car into the house. She loves it and says it has made getting the groceries inside so much easier. No more multiple trips to the car!
ByBetty J. BenckSaturday, 25 June 2022
to move laundry and groceries in house
ByMaryam El-SalehWednesday, 30 March 2022
Very easy to assemble. Just pop on the wheels! Folds nicely. Like small pouch on back. Collect my reusable grocery/store bags there to return to car. Maneuvers well. Much better than last cart with two back wheels only. Wish it were a little bigger.
ByfelicityThursday, 23 September 2021
This is a great little cart - it is a little smaller than I had expected but I can get 2 cases of water in it an a few grocery bags so no complaints there. The only issues I have had with it is a few times one of the side bars that keep things inside the cart have come off, but they are easy to reinstall and if I put some gorilla glue on them they probably wouldn’t come out again… it’s a good little cart for the money and I would buy it again…
ByJHBTuesday, 24 August 2021
I love how lightweight this cart is, and the fact that it's so easy to fold. The wheels turn nicely, although I think the front wheels would be better if they were the same size as the back ones. It works well in our parking garage, elevator, and carpeted building hallway, but as soon as I pull it over the threshold to our condo and it hits my very low profile entrance rug, it gets stuck. I have to turn it and back it in with the large wheels first, or kick it up and over. That's frustrating. But otherwise, I like it!
ByTonyDSaturday, 17 July 2021
I've just used this basket twice. The rear basket needs more wiring. Smaller objects will slip through I've put a cardboard liner in it to solve that problem. The main basket seems ok. I'm going to put a piece of cardboard on the bottom of it so small loose objects won't fall through. The wheels roll smoothly asphalt. It was easy to assemble; The only assemble was to put on the 4 wheels, which snapped easily.
ByKdzjeepFriday, 11 June 2021
I use this to transport groceries from my garage to my condo.
ByAmazon CustomerFriday, 14 August 2020
I bought this as a gift for a family member who lives in an apartment. It is excellent for transporting groceries from car to apartment in only 1 trip. Folds nicely into the truck without taking up to much space. Very happy with purchase.
ByjaqlTuesday, 11 April 2023
Recently moved to a retirement community, where I no longer have a garage, and wanted an easy way to bring my groceries from the car. I had my first occasion to use it yesterday, and it held a lot and was easy to maneuver. I like it!!!!
ByW D FMonday, 03 April 2023
Easy to assemble. Pretty solid and just the right size!
By So far so good!Monday, 27 March 2023
Using as an inspector cart at a 3 story resort. It's climbing stairs well. It's very light weight. We never put alot of weight in it bc we don't need to and hoping it causes it to last longer. I see now what some people wrote about the lid closure. I had hoped for my particular use that the bag sloped as the look of the lid sloped to make it easier to get into but bc it doesn't we can carry an extra bath mat and a few more items so it's working out.
ByreliableMonday, 27 March 2023
I have a bad back, and having difficulties getting groceries into the house (5 steps) . This cart does the job well. I love the fact that it does not have a basket, but a sturdy foot, that it does not roll away from you (one fixed foot when setting down) and if you remove the bag, you can even transport car batteries, or bigger cardboard boxes. It is very lightweight, but so far it looks very sturdy. It is a bit harder to manoeuver on soft soil or grass, because it always has 4 wheels on the ground, and turning is sometimes a little harder. I would have preferred if it came with a bungee cord to use without the bag, but for this price I am not complaining.
By Great!Monday, 27 March 2023
I have the other version of the trolley dolly. I actually purchased two and they are still holding up well after several years of use. The quality prompted me to purchase the version for use on stairs. I’m so glad I did. It’s fantastic. I would recommend a bungee cord of some sort to secure heavier items on the trolley. Other than than that, it’s an awesome product.
ByhelenredhawkTuesday, 15 November 2022
I just moved into an apartment on the fourth floor of the senior apartment complex. This dolly is perfect for my needs. When I go grocery shopping, I just put the grocery bags in the attached bag and wheel it the elevator then to my apartment. I can take the bag off to move boxes that are to heavy for me to carry, either to or from my car. I hope this helps.
ByKathleen M.Thursday, 18 August 2022
Just moved into an apartment and this will really help limit the amount of trips I have to take going in and out. Super easy to put together (just snap some wheels on) and seems very durable.
ByAmazon CustomerFriday, 12 August 2022
Love this. Makes it so much easier to bring groceries into the house instead of making several trips.
ByMaggie McGuyvarFriday, 15 July 2022
While a little loud, I don't mind, it's quieter when you start filling it up. Easy to use on busses, stairs, and the grocery clerk was amazed that it holds a cartload of groceries. The only awkward thing is pulling it behind while you use a cart in the grocery store. haven't figured out an easier way to do this. Not the rolling carts fault!