Shopping Cart

  • Great solution for my crossover's trunk Seem very sturdy. Super convenient for quick shopping trips. Helps me reduce my use if single use plastic bags. I can bring the whole thing into the store and then into my house.
  • Great for elders This is great quality. I got it for my mom, shes getting older and struggles to get the groceries from the car into the house. As her car is far away from the front door. This is the perfect solution! It can hold all the groceries so she can make it in one trip, and it also acts as a walker and keeps her upright and supported. I’d do the shopping for her but she still likes to do it on her own so all I could do was make it a little easier for her! I went with this one because it’s a little bigger than your average cart. She likes to go the farmers markets too and used to take the dog when it was younger. Now she has the perfect cart for both her pup and all her farmer’s market finds! It rolls like a dream and is much smoother than a regular walmart shopping cart.
  • Your own personal shopping cart. I wasn’t sure about this concept of having your own shopping cart, but it really is a lot more efficient and cleaner. Having your own shopping cart means you don’t have to worry about what was in the cart before you grabbed it, who touched it last, where it was sitting outside, etc. This particular shopping cart makes shopping much easier. Whether shopping at a full market, a farmers’ market, or even a big box discount store, it makes it quicker and simpler. The cart rolls very well and corners better than the carts you get from the stores. No more picking a cart out only to find out one wheel is stuck, the wheels won’t turn, the cart is bent, or whatever else happens to those carts. As you shop you can put items directly into the cart baskets. The bottoms are solid, no holes, so nothing will fall through, and you know it is clean because you brought it with you. You can fold the top basket up and completely out of the way, so it is easy to fill the bottom basket. Then when the bottom is full, just fold the top back down and fill it. When you get to the checkout, empty one of the baskets and pass it off to be refilled after the items are scanned. Then do the same with the other basket. Put the baskets right back on the cart, full of scanned items and you are ready to go. Having your own bags is great but this is even better, quicker, and easier. The baskets come off the cart easily and fold up with a single push. The cart folds up with a single button and a push. It fits into the trunk without any issues and while very solid isn’t too heavy to lift it altogether. If you would rather, you can lift the cart itself first and then each of the baskets separately to reduce the amount of weight being lifted at one time.