• Four stroke marine engine - Four stroke  4 HP outboard motor cheap outboard engines for sale

Four stroke marine engine - Four stroke 4 HP outboard motor cheap outboard engines for sale

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Fore stroke marine engine advantages:

Start-In-Gear protection/clutch feature prohibits prop rotation while idling

Compact design,light weight,easy to carry,forward and neutral design

Features 360 degree steering rotation for reverse without gear shifting

Fuel saving,strong horsepower,superior performance,environmental protection,durable

Easy pull off engine cover with push button latch for instant motor access

Four stroke 4 HP outboard motor Product description:

Type: 4 Stroke 4HP Outboard Motor Capacity: 52cc Transmission ratio: 2.08 (27:13) The number of cylinders: 1 Maximum speed: 4000-5000 Maximum power: 2.8 kW /4 HP Shift position: clutch control Package volume: 95x42x29 cm Ignition system: CDI Cooling system: air cooling Starting method: hand start Refueling: No. 93 gasoline Propeller size: 7 1/4X7-A The maximum fuel consumption: 1.4 liters / hour

The main advantage of the outboard machine:

1. Compact design, light weight, easy to carry, forward and neutral design。

2. Startup performance is superior, easy to start, regardless of winter, summer, a success, more than any of the existing products in the market start-up performance。

3.Fuel-efficient, hemisphere latest fuel saving technology and advanced combustion chamber with four stroke outboard engines, gasoline burn completely, can make every drop of gasoline into power, unlike the two stroke engine part without burning gasoline and oil discharge into the water to waste and pollution, the maximum fuel consumption is only 1.25 litres per hour fuel-efficient, up to 50%.

4.Horsepower: four stroke engine torque is large, so the horse came early in the same grade of HP, HP two stroke machine is abundant, in medium and low speed feel more obvious.

5.Environmental protection: clean and pure gasoline fuel makes emissions targets the outboard engine has been able to meet the European and American CE second phase EPA certification, which contributed to the promotion of green sports. In addition, it will not be like two stroke machine is the same keep without burning oil into the water, in the case of the days and months multiplying, aquatic products, such as fish, shrimp and crab with oil flavor, directly to the farmers of the water pollution products.

6 durable:The use of pressurized circulating oil circuit, so that the bearings and parts of the need to lubricate the direct oil supply lubrication

7.Affordable: Buy a Discount outboard boat motors with a 50% discount

Recent Reviews ( 16 )
ByReviewguyFriday, 21 June 2019
The motor works great and is really powerful. Gets my kayak out to my fishing spot in no time. I highly recommend this product
ByCodihaynesThursday, 20 June 2019
I got this trolling motor with the boat i bought and it works well
ByDana BennettWednesday, 19 June 2019
Cheap and efficient. Very nice to have when your arms tire out and want a motor.
ByKarlWednesday, 19 June 2019
I havent used it much yet but when I did use it it worked great, I used it on an small boat (8 feet). I would recommend this item to others.
Byrobert sWednesday, 19 June 2019
OMG , put this on ny 12' semi v aluminium boat , did a great job scooting across the lakes
BycarolWednesday, 19 June 2019
Works great and easy to control.
ByAmazon CustomerWednesday, 19 June 2019
Awesome motor... moved my little aluminum 12 foot pretty fast... very happy happy with it.. shipping was pretty quick ... I would recommend. ..
ByJeffbeWednesday, 19 June 2019
Works great - moves a 12 foot flat bottom jon boat around with 2 people in it just fine.
By Chris StoneWednesday, 19 June 2019
This works well. 2 people and 2 dogs in a 16-foot canoe, this will push us a little faster than we can paddle. Very light. Will last several hours on a deep cycle marine battery.
ByPeteTuesday, 18 June 2019
A great product at a great price. I use it on my 15.5' canoe and it works great. Of course you get what you pay for an upper models offer more features.
ByProTuesday, 18 June 2019
No complaints, does what it suppose to do, strong enough to push my 12 footer around with ease, took it out in high winds also, was slower but cruised by shore and it was fine. I'd suggest if you can afford to get the next stronger model up go for it. Not a necessity but a very valuable accessory you're going to want.
ByR. HoxterTuesday, 18 June 2019
So far so good. I pack it in and out of my car each weekend and it seems to be holding up. Seller was amazing to work with as well.
ByWorks really wellMonday, 03 June 2019
I like that it fit really well and works well.
ByWorks just as well as the custom, brand names ...Wednesday, 03 April 2019
Works just as well as the custom, brand names ones, but for a reasonable price.
ByWorks like expectedFriday, 29 March 2019
Works good so far , is what I was expecting.
ByRuns greatTuesday, 19 March 2019
I received my 4 hp, Leadallway, air cooled outboard motor from Amazon three weeks ago.I filled it with premium non ethanol gas and 10 W 30 oil. It cranked right up.The twist throttle works great and it has plenty of power. The propeller is plastic but seemssturdy and they sent an extra propeller too. And, the best part is it only weighs 20 lbs; soit’s easy to take on and off my dinghy. Thanks