• Foldable Push Cart Platform Cart 330lbs Capacity 4 Wheels 28.7x18.5x32.3inches White

Foldable Push Cart Platform Cart 330lbs Capacity 4 Wheels 28.7x18.5x32.3inches White

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MaterialAlloy Steel
ColorWhite 330lbs
Product Dimensions28.7"L x 18.5"W x 32.3"H
Wheel TypePolyurethane

About this item

  • [Easy to fold]The platform truck can be easily and quickly folded and unfolded,so whether it is in the utility room or in the compartment,it can be easily stored, which is convenient for travel and does not take up space.
  • [Mute wheel]The Hand Truck Foldable has a TPR silent wheel design,which does not produce noise and creates a good mood for your travel.The rear wheel is a universal wheel,360°rotation is effortless,and can protect the floor from abrasion.
  • [Sturdy and durable]The armrest is wrapped with rubber cotton grip,which has good air permeability and is not tired after sitting for a long time.It can also protect the armrest from bumps and prevent paint from falling off.The thickened bottom plate makes the product stronger and more durable.
  • [Multipurpose]Whether the dolly cart is used to carry luggage or goods,travel or move in,this platform truck is competent and can be easily folded and placed in any position.Note:Since we use anti-vibration screws, they must be tightened with a wrench, otherwise the screws are prone to fall out.

Recent Reviews ( 17 )
ByHayli B.Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Handy to have! I live in an apartment complex and have to walk a small distance from my car to the door with groceries and such this is perfect for that! My husband also worked at the post office and purchased one for rolling packages from his mail truck to offices. This product is very durable and I love that the handle folds down for easy storage.
Byrose m.Monday, 13 May 2024
well worth the money we use this cart ALL the time to move items and its sturdy for even heavy items
ByDoveWednesday, 03 April 2024
It took a little bit of time to assemble, but other than that it works fine.
ByAmazon CustomerTuesday, 02 April 2024
Very good for hauling I moved apartments to the 5th floor and this small but mighty trolley has been powerful. 65inch tv - moved! Mattress in a box? Bed in a box? Groceries? They all came up in this litle man! Love it
Bymarvin steinerSunday, 24 March 2024
I meets my needs to a T. Nothing to dislike
ByJeanFriday, 15 March 2024
Just what I needed I have a split level house. I have one of these already on the upper floor. Being of a certain age, I found that I needed one on the lower level, not wanting to lug the thing up & down. This was just what I needed!
ByRCThursday, 14 March 2024
I ❤️ my cart!!!!!!Everyone needs 1!!! I now have 2 carts. I use one outside, to take out the trash to the dumpster, and one in the house t carry laudry baskets full of clothes, and potted plants, and anything that might be to heavy . The carts really help make my life easier.
ByBrenda RMonday, 11 March 2024
Hand Cart Easy assembly. This thing was a lifesaver for me when I was moving!! Love how it folds.
ByDiana StullerFriday, 01 March 2024
Handy I’m disabled and this cart helps me live independently and move my groceries from the car to the kitchen. And other heavy items around the house. I would actually fight a grizzly bear bare handed to keep this cart.
ByPATRICIA KENDIGMonday, 01 January 2024
Great portable little cart Folds flat. Takes up little space in my home and vehicle. Rolls great with big loads.
ByAndrew WunderWednesday, 20 December 2023
Nice Easy to put together. Nice and sturdy.
ByT. LeMonday, 11 December 2023
Small but perfect for me Needed a small flatbed to take cardboards and trash to trash bin. Perfect size, easy to install. Easy to fold. Front wheels rotate 360z wish wheels were rubber so it isn’t so noisy on asphalt and cement
ByAmZFanSince 1995Monday, 04 December 2023
HIGHLY recommend! This is one of those things you didn't know you needed till you have it. My wife is recovering from an injury and this has been a lifesaver to transport things. The platform is wide and very sturdy. The armrest is angled at just the right height. And the 360 wheels are so smooth, she can almost maneuver with one hand if the load is light. Bonus is how nicely it folds up and stores away when not used. HIGHLY recommend!
ByAmanda WelchMonday, 27 November 2023
A must have! Lightweight, easy to fold, durable and compact.
ByMazy G.Sunday, 12 November 2023
Awesome sized cart for office packages / mail I made a video of folding the handle and popping back up on this LEADALLWAY folding push cart…..but I was trying to film and operate at the same time so I apologize the handle doesn’t have to bang when lowering it. It is not a huge cart. The typical plastic storage tubs fit on it with a bit of room to spare. We have been getting more and more packages at work and the usps carrier is having to make multiple trips into the building. I found this cart so that the big packages can be stacked directly on the cart and a tub can go on top for all the amazon envelope sized packages. We set it outside before the carrier arrives and it has been so much better for all of us. After the mail is over for the day, we use it to move small items around the store. It has worked out perfectly. Assembly was quick and easy although I did use a socket wrench rather than the included tiny end wrench…it was much faster and allowed me to tighten the bolts properly…I think that’s where one reviewer had issues with wheels coming off / getting loose….in my opinion you can’t tighten the bolts enough without the socket wrench. …oh yeah and only by chance did I get it right, the swivel wheels go on the end with the push bar. So glad I found this cart, super pleased with the price and it is just the perfect size for our needs.
ByVickySunday, 17 September 2023
So convenient Love that it folds up to store easily. It’s not very heavy but is pretty heavy duty for moving the things I needed to move!
ByBablesiSaturday, 16 September 2023
Light and easy to store A great cart that is sturdy, but light and thin is hard to find, but this one fits the bill! I've have a couple that are made of plastic that are quite bulky, but this is metal and still easy to store and use. We use this one at the studio, but it would work well at your home too!